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‘These digital stories are told by students and alumni of the Masters in Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change (TELIC) at Sheffield Hallam University. They tell of their experiences of the course and the impact it has had on their professional lives and the workplace.’

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Ian Guest

Ian’s story – “You’re never alone”

Ian Guest from Sheffield explains how his use of social media developed during the course and how it has had an impact on his own professional practice.

Chris Thomson

Chris’s story – “A new sense of purpose”

Chris explains how his dissertation, while being a challenge, was a significant step in his professional and personal development.

Sarah A

Sarah’s story – “Happily ever after”

Sarah’s story is about how dissertation research into organisational change had a dramatic impact on her workplace and her career.

Herman Schimmel

Herman’s story – “The view from 2014″

Herman Schimmel talks about how the course was a step into the unfamiliar but led to innovative practice at work and eventually a PhD.

Link to Joy Drever's story

Joy’s story – “A massive leap”

Joy Drever’s experiences of the ELMAC Masters have had a profound effect on her teaching style and her ability to empathise with her students.

Link to Ruben Jan's story

Ruben’s story – “Skillville”

Ruben, a teacher and researcher from the Netherlands explains how TELIC influenced the development of an innovative elearning project he works on.